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Your employees will be returning soon. How will you give them peace of mind when they return?

Your employees will be returning soon. How will you give them peace of mind when they return?

Governors of several states, including hard-hit New York, are already working on plans to lift work-from-home orders once the threat of COVID-19 infection has decreased to a safe level. Kansas has extended their stay-at-home order only through midnight on May 3rd and many feel we could see a return of employees by mid-to-late May.

This means building and facility managers need to plan ahead NOW to be ready for them.

How will you ensure the safety of your employees and show them you have taken measures to mitigate the spread of germs as they come back to the office? Knowing you are putting measures in place to keep your employees and tenants safe will help ease their transition back to “normal” in the days ahead.

The first step in establishing a wellness initiative in your facility is making sure your facility is healthy and safe. That means ensuring it’s clean, sanitary and free of illness-causing bacteria and viruses.

 Your employees are still away for now, but they will be returning soon. NOW IS THE TIME to clean and sanitize your facilities COMPLETELY in ways that are typically difficult or impossible during times of normal traffic.

The Importance of Establishing Measurable BASELINES

UBM will start by taking BASELINES throughout your facilities. This is important to ensure that cleaning and disinfection of all high-touch points have taken place.



Once the requested cleaning and sanitation has been completed, UBM finishes by taking all readings again. This will show you the results of the process. This means you don’t have to take our word for it… you will KNOW your facilities are clean, sanitary – and so will your employees!

There are two main methods of cleaning office facilities in preparation for your employees’ return:


In this case, there is no immediate fear or threat of infection present. This is a proactive, precautionary approach to sanitize your offices.

In this case, UBM begins by cleaning, removing dirt and contaminants from high-touch point areas (per CDC recommendations). This includes giving special attention to doorknobs, keyboards, phones, and other areas and items that are physically in contact with your employees.


Taking this approach allows UBM to optimize your investment by focusing on targeted areas rather that the approach many others take – charging generally by-the-foot throughout your entire building.


The preventative process is completed by an optional anti-microbial sealer. By applying this spray over surfaces after they have been cleaned, it keeps bacteria from growing on those surfaces for weeks.

Active Case

In the case that you either suspect or are certain there has been an active case of COVID-19 present, it is all the more important that you take measures to ensure you have addressed the cleaning and disinfecting of the space to which your employees and/or tenants will be returning.

In the case of an illness being either present or suspected of having been present, UBM takes additional steps to protect our employees and confirm your facilities have been completed cleaned and disinfected.


UBM has the right equipment NOW to take care of your facilities sanitation, and the tools to put your mind at EASE.

We will take care of your facilities’ cleaning and sanitation ahead of your employees’ return so the only thing they have to worry about is getting back to work!

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