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It’s important to visibly reassure your employees, customers and visitors that you’re keeping them safe.

Coronavirus cases are surfacing daily all around the world. Little is known about this new virus, specifically how it can spread and how long the pandemic will last. But by learning more about it, you can take action to protect people in your workspace from becoming ill.


UBM can help you prevent an outbreak and minimize business interruptions by cleaning and removing contaminants from high-touch points and apply a hospital grade disinfectant to stop the spread of viruses that cause illness and break the cross contamination cycle.

Test to determine baseline of sanitation process

Clean, remove, sanitize high touch points

Re-Test to Validate Contaminants and bacteria removal from surfaces

UBM records the level of the contaminants on the surface to measure the performance of the disinfection process then we conduct another reading after the completion of the disinfection process to validate that the surface is sanitary.

Our Facility Care Hygiene Specialists adhere to all OSHA, CDC and IICRC® guidelines, best practices and standards. You will receive documentation of the cleaning and disinfectant application. A trained Facility Care Hygiene Specialist will use an ATP meter to test before and after contamination levels. While ATP meters do not identify viral contaminants, they provide good measure and contribute to the overall reduction of biological contaminants.

Here’s how a professional service provider will help you…



Challenge: Cleaning, decontamination and pandemic infection control require methods that are far beyond the services offered by traditional janitorial services.

Solution: It is crucial to find a professional service provider that knows and adheres to all OSHA, CDC and IICRC® guidelines and standards. Decontamination of commercial facilities will be completed by IICRC-certified specialists. They will follow best practices for cleaning and application of disinfectant.



Challenge: Documentation and reporting show the effectiveness of the cleaning and application of the disinfectant on high-touch points and surfaces.

Solution: Before and after the cleaning and application of disinfectant, a trained infection control technician can test before-and-after levels of contamination on surfaces with an ATP meter. ATP meters do not identify viral contaminants, but the overall reduction of biological contaminants is a good measure of cleanliness.



Challenge: Pandemics are frightening and stressful; it’s important to visibly reassure employees, customers and visitors that you’re keeping them safe.

Solution: Following COVID-19 cleaning, disinfecting protocol and decontamination, make sure to continuously publicize the steps you’ve taken to protect and keep them healthy.

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