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UBM can significantly help reduce the transmission of serious viruses is in your facility by ensuring that pathogens do not have an environment to thrive.

 Proper disinfection is a defined two-step process:

1) Removal of the soil and the contaminants from the surfaces prior to applying a spray disinfectant.

2) The application of the EPA approved and hospital grade disinfectant using an electrostatic sprayer to ensure all surfaces are being reached.

Spray disinfectant is not effective on its own as a cleaner. In order for surfaces to be truly sanitized, both steps above must be followed. The goal is to interrupt and break the cross-contamination cycle and not become accustomed to shortcuts.

Test to determine baseline for sanitation process

Clean, remove contaminates & Sanitize High-Touch points

Re-Test to Validate Contaminants and bacteria removal from surfaces

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