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Unmet Expectations

It’s not enough to simply have a plan. If that plan isn’t executed correctly, then we are not doing what we promised. A clear Scope of Work and execution begins with staff that is trained correctly and involved in project planning. UBM invests time and effort into training with the UBM Academy of Excellence to develop skills and techniques that are mutually beneficial. However, the commitment doesn’t stop when the work is completed. Follow up is critical to the process and UBM accomplishes this through Job Status and Completion Reports. Documentation holds everyone accountable and upholds client satisfaction as a top priority.

Cleaning Crew Turnover (Revolving Door)

Who is in my building? Should I be concerned when I see different cleaning staff from week to week? This is a question that is often asked by Facility Managers when they see different janitorial staff and there appears to be a revolving door. Then performance begins to decline and isn’t as good as it was when they started. This turn over manifests itself into unreliable and inconsistent service. We believe our most important asset is our people – the success of our business depends on them. UBM values employee retention with low turn-over and janitors/technicians who have been with the company on average of 6 years. UBM works with the employees to develop a true career path vs being a landing pad until the next job opportunity.

Working a “2nd job” of managing the Cleaning Crew

UBM’s goal is to not only create a clean, attractive workspace, but also save time and effort for the person who manages it. We understand that it is not a Building Manager’s responsibility to provide reminders, initiate follow up, repeat requests and/or eliminate distractions. We want Managers to focus on the work performed at their own company, not ours.

Additionally, clients have access to progress activity through our Client Portal if they desire up-to-date information between site visits. This enables Building Managers to be proactive and stay current as needed.

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